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Annie started serving your favorite meals in 2003. Since then, Annie’s gained a reputation as the best breakfast diner in northern Utah. People travel for the scones, sausage gravy, hash, breakfasts, and burgers. The menu includes classic homemade food with high quality ingredients. Our bacon is thick cut and our hash browns are made fresh, in-house from real Idaho potatoes. Our gravies are cooked from scratch each & every morning and our bread is baked locally by Stone Ground Bakery. We make our own jam & salsa. Our meats are cut in house and our honey is locally sourced. It’s rare these days to find fresh, homemade food. It takes more work, but we make it fresh for you! While Annie’s is famous for our breakfast, you’ll love our signature burgers. And our bakery is just getting started. Enjoy our fantastically sweet, orange, and raspberry rolls, our home made chocolate chip cookies, and perfect peanut butter bars. People come for the food, but stay because they are family.

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