Pay at the table

Get the easiest, most reliable, and most-loved way to pay restaurants.

The easiest, most reliable, most efficient way to pay inside of and curbside at restaurants

Millions of guests and staff at fine-dining, casual, and quick-service restaurants rely on and love Up ‘n go for a frictionless checkout experience that’s as easy as scan-pay-go. Guests scan a QR code that’s automatically printed at the bottom of their checks to quickly settle up at the table, counter, drive-through, curbside—and even from home, using our patented Text-the-check™ feature.

No Omnivore needed. Direct POS integrations.

Celebrating over 5 million guest payments on Up ’n go

How it Works

You won't believe how easy it is.

Servers print and drop the check

Once Up ‘n go is activated on your POS, QR codes will automatically print at the bottom of checks that servers leave at the table as usual. Guests can then decide whether to hand the server a form of payment or pay with Up ‘n go.

Guests scan, pay, and go —no app needed!

To pay with Up ‘n go, guests simply use their cell phones to scan one QR code on the check, pay as they wish (e.g., with one card or split between more than one), and leave.

Servers receive and confirm payment

A receipt will print at the terminal as soon as guests pay, and the payment will display on the check view in the terminal. Payment will be processed by your existing processer and deposited in your bank account in the same deposit batches you’re already receiving from your processor.

Key Features

More features than any other pay at the table solution.

More features than any other pay at the table solution.

Powerful Reporting

Our advanced control panel provides instant access to tons of your data.

Digital wallets

Virtually eliminate chargebacks when you accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.

Split the check

Delight guests and save staff time by letting guests split their own checks.

Custom branding

We custom design your digital checks to make your brand shine.

Extra earnings

Optionally earn extra revenue through contactless fees when guests pay with Up ‘n go.

Gift cards

Sell more gift cards because your guests can use them to pay with Up ‘n go.

Key Features


Get EMV-level security without expensive chip readers.

PCI certification

Up ‘n go is a PCI Certified Level 1 Service Provider.

Processor Integrations

Keep your processors’ great rates and continue to get one deposit.

Guest feedback

Easily collect guest feedback after every payment.

Email lists

Collect guests’ emails and add them to your email marketing campaigns.

Free support

You’ll be delighted by how much we’re there to help you.

Direct POS integration

We don’t use Omnivore; we’re directly integrated with Aloha and Micros POS APIs.

Up ’n go provides great support, seamless installation and works with our existing POS. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our staff and guests.

Doug Davidson - VP of IT at Il Fornaio
Use Cases

Give your guests control to quickly and easily pay from wherever

Pay at the table

The #1 way to collect payment at the table. Simply drop the check, which will automatically have our QR codes printed on the bottom. Guests of all ages can scan the code with no app needed and pay in 10 seconds.

Text the check™

Add a mobile phone number to a check in your POS and we’ll text a payment link for that check to the number added. Use this to collect payment for order-ahead and to-go orders. If servers are using ordering tablets, they can text guests the check right from the table.


Eliminate that extra trip inside to run a card. Bring the printed check with a QR code to the car and your guests can pay on the spot and get payment confirmation on their phones.

Pay at the counter

If you’re a quick-service or fast-casual restaurant, guests can scan a QR code dedicated to each terminal to view and pay the check on-screen.

Drive thrus

Display a QR code on your ordering screen, at the pick-up window, or anywhere else along the way. Guests can use their idle time in line to pay, increasing your speed of service. Staff also can enter guests’ phone numbers on ordering tablets to text them the check.



indicated that having Up ’n go at a restaurant would make them more likely to return.


Why our clients love Up ‘n go

There are endless ways restaurants benefit from contactless payment. Here are some of the incredible results we hear about most often:

Up ‘n go enhances the guest experience, which makes them much more likely to come back—67% more likely, according to exit surveys.

That’s because nearly 100% of surveyed guests said they loved the experience. One reason for that is time saved. Guests leave 10 to 20 minutes sooner when they pay with Up ‘n go, which is convenient for them and more profitable for your business and your staff.

When tables turn quicker, it’s like having 30% more capacity in your restaurant.

And with Up ‘n go, your staff is equipped to handle the increased volume, so they can spend their time selling more food and drinks—and earning more tips—than collecting payment.

Using Up ‘n go also reduces germ-spreading high-touch payment collections.

Lessens the risks of causing an outbreak that could potentially close your restaurant. Keeping people healthy and safe is good for everyone.