QR codes for restaurants in use.

QR Codes for Restaurants: The Definitive Q&A

Restaurants can use QR codes to provide a quick and easy way for restaurant guests to access web links on their smartphones. QR codes can be used to provide a pay at the table solution that lets diners get up and go whenever they’re ready. QR codes can also be used to link to online menus from the table.

Common QR code questions from restaurant guests

What’s a QR code?

A QR code is a visual representation of a small amount of data that nearly every smartphone can read with its camera. Most QR codes simply encode a web link, or URL.

What does a QR code look like?

To the human eye, a QR code looks like a bunch of little squares that form a larger square. Restaurants can stylize QR codes by changing the color or inserting their logo in the middle.

What is a restaurant QR code?

A restaurant QR code is a QR code in a restaurant that you can scan with your phone camera to pay, view the menu, and sometimes order from your phone.

What is QR code payment in restaurant?

QR code payments in restaurants let you scan a QR code with your phone’s camera to view and pay your check. QR codes for payment are printed on checks.

What happens when you scan a QR code in a restaurant?

Restaurants use QR codes for payment, menus, ordering, and surveys. Read the message by the QR code to see what it’s for. If there’s no message, don’t scan it.

How do I use a QR code at a restaurant?

Open the camera app on your smartphone at aim it at the QR code. Your phone will highlight a sqare around the QR code. Click the QR code without taking a picture.

Using QR codes for restaurants.

Common QR code questions from restaurants

How are QR codes useful for restaurants?

Restaurants use QR codes to link to menus, and for order and pay, contactless payments, guest surveys, and loyalty signups. When a guest is ready to pay, they can scan a QR code printed on a check to pay by phone, and then get up and go whenever they want.

Where do restaurants put QR codes?

Restaurants put QR codes on tables or printed on checks. QR codes on tables are usually for menus and QR codes on checks are usually to pay. Pay at table lets guests get up and go.

What’s the difference between a static QR code and a dynamic QR code?

A static QR code is a fixed link to a specific URL that doesn’t change. A dynamic QR code is unique and contains information linking it to a specific check or table.

Is a static or dynamic QR code better?

A static QR code is good for when everyone scanning it should see the same thing, like a menu. A dynamic QR code is good when scanners should see something unique, like their check.

How do restaurants make QR codes?

Any number of websites will let you create static QR codes from almost any link, or URL. To create dynamic QR codes, you’ll need a restaurant technology partner like Up ‘n go. Dynamic QR codes require a solution that integrates with your restaurant POS, as they’re very application-specific.

How much do QR codes cost?

Restaurants can make basic QR codes for free. If you want a QR code for pay at the table integrated with your POS, contact a restaurant contactless payment provider like Up ‘n go.

Where can a restaurant buy QR codes?

For static QR codes, just Google “QR code generator,” and you’ll see an endless variety of websites offering to generate QR codes for any link you want. To use QR codes for a pay at the table solution, contact Up ‘n go.

How do restaurants use QR codes?

Restaurants can use QR codes to pay checks, link to menus, or enable order at the table. Guests like scanning QR codes in restaurants to pay.