QR Code Menus

Create QR code menus for your restaurant.

Your menu is the soul of your restaurant

Avoid guests trying to order things that aren’t available, or missed opportunities to try new items. Whether you change your menu all the time or it seldom changes, we’re here to make it easy to manage your menu and make it available anywhere you like - on your website, via QR code at the table, or anywhere else.


  • Multi-location support

  • Unlimited item details

  • Edit anytime with ease

  • API access

How It Works

Easily create digital online menus to use anywhere

Whether you want online menus for your website, QR code mobile menus for your tables, or a menu management front-end for your custom ordering solution using our menu API output, our menu manager makes it easy to keep all your menus current as options, prices, and availability change.

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Start building immediately

Create unlimited menus then add sections and items with images, modifiers, ingredients lists, and more.

Get QR codes and links

Next to every menu, you’ll see a QR code to use for table menus and a link to use on your website. Even text or email menus.

Edit any time—instantly

Sign in any time to edit your menu in just a few clicks. Updates display live automatically on all the links and QR codes you’ve already placed on your tables and website, as well as those you’ve shared in any other way.

Key Features

More features than any other menu builder

  • Easy set-up

  • Multi-location support

  • Unlimited items and images

  • Real-time updates

  • API access

Use Cases

Use your menus anywhere

  • QR code menus

    Up 'n go provides a QR code you can place on tables. Guests can scan the QR code to view your most up-to-date menu.

  • Website menus

    Display your Up 'n go menus on your website.

  • Online ordering and order-at-the-table

    The menus you create with Up 'n go are automatically used to power your online ordering and order at the table with us, too.

  • Text or email menus

    Text or email menus to guests.

  • API integrations

    We provide API output for all our menus. You can ask your developer or other restaurant technology providers to easily integrate them into anything else you’re doing with menus or ordering.


Why manage your menus with Up 'n go?

  • There’s only upside to moving to free digital menus. They make your business look great and your customers hungry for more.
  • Today, nearly everyone searches menus online before picking a restaurant. Up 'n go menus make a great first impression of your business and help you sell more. When guests see pictures of food, they’re more likely to order.
  • And because the menus are always up-to-date, guests won’t be disappointed by ordering something that’s not available or upset because of a pricing error. It’s way faster to log into Up 'n go to update your digital menus than to edit PDFs or HTML code. And anyone can do it.

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