Leverage our technology in your application.

Use our APIs to add contactless payments to your solution

Our API lets you use the Up 'n go hosted payments page to collect payment for your application.

We’ve made an open API that anyone can use to collect payments, generate and manage checks, or power a custom ordering solution with our free menu management interface.

Why use our API?
  • Add contactless payments to your POS or other application without the hassle of developing a secure payment flow yourself
  • Provide a uniform payment experience for your brand, even if you use multiple POS systems or change your POS
  • Avoid the expense, timelines and risks of maintaining your own PCI certification
  • Build a custom ordering solution with our free menu management interface as your front-end


  • Shorten development time

  • Reduce costs

  • Access proven technology

  • Offload PCI compliance

How It Works

Three ways to use our Payment Collection API

Define an order, along with instructions on where we should deliver its corresponding hosted payments page to collect payment. Each time we receive a payment attempt on an order, our webhook will post details back to your system.

Collect payments

Send us an order

Create or specify an order. This could be an itemized check or invoice, just an amount due, or open-ended to allow the recipient to pay any amount.

Request its hosted payment page

Your recipient checks out using our hosted payment page. You can request a QR code or a direct link to the page, or ask for a link to be emailed or texted to the recipient.

Receive payment details

Our webhook will notify you of every payment attempt on an order, successful or not.

Manage checks

You can use the same API as a headless POS by asking it to create, read, update, or delete checks without requesting that we collect payment.

Manage menus and ordering

Simply call the menu API to get all the details stored on a menu.

Key Features

Accept any payment, any way, with any processor

  • Integrate with your existing processor

  • Support digital wallet payments

  • Fully-brand your
    payment experience

Use Cases

Build something new or enhance what you’ve already built

We created Up 'n go efficiently by avoiding reinventing the wheel anywhere we could. For maximum efficiency in your growth, we recommend you do the same and our tools are here to help with that.

  • Integrate with your POS

    If you’re a POS provider or have access to your POS APIs, you can integrate with Up 'n go to create a beautiful, easy-to-use payment flow.

  • Build a cloud-based POS

    Build a custom front-end using our cloud based order management APIs.

  • Create a custom ordering solution

    Read data from our menus to power a custom ordering interface or digital menu.

  • Access POS data

    Retrieve order data from your existing POS.


The most reliable and easy to use API solution

  • Save time by letting us do the work for you. With our simple-to-use API, you’ll save time on development and get going quickly so that you can spend more time focusing on the unique part of your technology or business. Our API solution also comes as PCI Compliant so you don’t have to go through the hassle of becoming a PCI Certified Level 1 Service Provider.
  • Collect more payments and look good while doing it. Our frictionless payment flow is proven to collect more payments by providing a better user experience. You can also ensure your brand stands out by implementing your own logo and background image into our whitelabel payment flow.

Get started

We’ve perfected our payment flow over millions and millions of payments. Get started with a solution that’s already battle-tested. Request an API key and chat with us about your plans.

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