Restaurant POS Payments API

Pay restaurant checks, or accept payments in your application

Choose from two API options

Enable your application to pay restaurant checks in real-time, or accept payments in your application. Our API solutions make make both of these easy, reliable, and secure. This works with any of our supported POS integrations and payment gateways and processors.

Up 'n go payment APIs let you easily solve challenging tasks like sending payments to restaurant POS systems, ensuring PCI compliance, and more.

Our payment flow is easy to use, reliable, and can be built into your application quickly. You can even retain the processing revenue.

All Up 'n go payments are fully PCI compliant and have numerous fraud protection measures available, including 3D-Secure and Kount by Equifax, in addition to several in-house fraud filters refined from our experience processing millions of payments.

  • Submit real-time payments to restaurants
  • Accept payments in your application


  • Submit POS payments

  • Don't reinvent the wheel

  • Reduce fraud

  • Ensure PCI compliance


Two APIs for you to chose from

Pay restaurant checks, or collect payments in your application

Pay restaurant checks from your application


If your application needs to pay restaurant checks, we can help. Take the complexity of POS integrations off your shoulders and ensure easy, reliable payments for your application.

Our payments API works with any of our supported POS systems. The API allows you to specify a restaurant location, check number, followed by a payment amount and a tip amount. Payments may be processed by you, or one of our integrated payment gateways or processors.

Collect payments in your application

If you're developing an application with embedded payments, Up 'n go provides a hosted payments page that makes it easy for your users to pay with any of our supported payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal.

We enable your application to present a payment form in-line, or to send a payment link by text message or email.


Payments can be processed by you, or any of our partners

  • You can sell the processing

  • Fully-brand your
    payment experience

  • Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, or Venmo

Use Cases

Pay restaurant checks, or accept payments

Integrating with restaurant POS systems is difficult. Integrating with Up 'n go is easy.

  • Pay restaurant checks

    Use our API to submit payments to restaurant checks in real-time. Works with any supported restaurant POS system. 

  • Accept payments

    Accept payments in your software application easily and reliably. Accept using a link, or we can text or email a payment request.


Don't reinvent the wheel

  • Spend time on your core software value proposition
  • Integrating with multiple restaurant POS systems to pay checks in real-time is no easy task. Let us take that challenge off of your shoulders

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