Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (and personal identifiable information policy)

Information That May Be Collected, How It May Be Used, Stored, and Shared

Credit Card Numbers and Tokens

Up 'n go may receive a restaurant guest’s credit card number when they provide it to pay a restaurant check via Up 'n go. This is what we call a Traditional Payment, and for these types of payments, the guest’s credit card number is sent via an encrypted connection directly to a restaurant’s credit card handling system and then discarded by Up 'n go, such that Up 'n go does not store guest’s credit card numbers anywhere in its system.

The restaurant’s credit card handling system, typically part of its point of sale system, will process the credit cards for payment directly on behalf of the restaurant.

When a restaurant guest pays a check using Up 'n go via an Advanced Payment service, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo or PayPal, Up 'n go receives no credit card numbers, but typically only a one-time use token that may not be used again. In some cases, we may not even receive a token, but be sent payment from an Advanced Payment service like Venmo or PayPal, that the restaurant guest directly authorizes with the Advanced Payment service.

Other Information

Up 'n go may collect other information from restaurant guests who access or pay checks via Up 'n go. This information may include, but is not limited to, the guest’s IP address (something that tends to change naturally with time), information sent to us from the guest’s mobile device or browser, their location, the zip code and credit card expiration date that they provided to Up 'n go, an image of a signature they provided to Up 'n go, a video screen recording of their interaction with Up 'n go, plus the date, time, and other contents of their restaurant check.

If a restaurant guest sends a text to access their restaurant check via Up 'n go, then Up 'n go may store the phone number from which the text request was sent.

If a restaurant guest provided their email address to Up 'n go to receive an email copy of their receipt, then we may store their email address.

If a restaurant guest provides feedback via a feedback form at the end of a transaction or elsewhere, Up 'n go will collect this information. This information may be shared with anyone, including the restaurant whose check may be related to the feedback, that may share it as it wishes, and publicly on Up 'n go’s website or social media accounts.

How Information Is Stored

As stated above, Up 'n go does not store credit card numbers. Any Other Information may be stored on Up 'n go’s servers and/or the servers and systems of any third-party service providers to Up 'n go or the restaurant related to any checks accessed or paid via Up 'n go.

How Information Is Used and Shared

Information is used to facilitate a restaurant guest’s payment as securely an efficiently as feasible by Up 'n go at the time of the transaction. This usually includes interaction and sharing information with third-party service providers. Information may be used or shared to verify a transaction in case of a dispute that a customer may have with a restaurant or Up 'n go. Information may be used for data analysis, marketing, or other purposes.