Hundreds of NCR Aloha
restaurants trust Up 'n go for QR Code Payments

We’ve been an official integration partner with NCR since 2016, which has given us time to perfect our direct API integration with Aloha. Leverage the refinement we've developed by processing millions of contactless payments in hundreds of Aloha POS environments. We support QR codes for payment at the bottom of checks, on tables, at terminals, drive-thrus, or parking stalls; as well as texting payment links right from your Aloha POS. 

Whether you use Aloha EDC, NCR Connected Payments, FreedomPay or another payment gateway to support chip readers (EMV), Up 'n go's contactless payments will work in your NCR Aloha environment.

Hallmarks of our Aloha integration

Up ’n go is directly integrated with Aloha. We print QR codes directly on checks. No third-party middleware needed.

  • Direct API integration

  • Cloud-based integration

  • Fully PCI certified

  • No middleware or hardware

  • No third-party agents

  • No use of COM interfaces or Aloha Connect

Version support

  • Aloha Versions 12.3, 14.1 15.1, & 19.6
  • Table Service & Quick Service

Direct integration partner with NCR since 2016

Up ’n go is an official NCR Aloha partner and has been directly integrated with Aloha since 2016. Our service is integrated with hundreds of restaurant brands nationwide using Aloha, and we’ve processed millions of contactless payments on Aloha, which means we have the expertise to provide an exceedingly well-integrated and reliable pay at the table solution for your restaurant running Aloha.

Up 'n go works seamlessly on our Aloha system. There was nothing else to install.

Use cases available for contactless payments on NCR Aloha POS

QR Code & Text

  • QR code scanned at quick-service terminal

  • Text message sent from terminal to guest

  • QR code on check or table

  • QR code displayed on drive-thru on signage

Don’t put anything less in your restaurant

Up ’n go beats the competition in every way. Choose Up 'n go to keep guests and staff happy, drive a lot of usage, and makes everybody's job easier, which is why you want a contactless solution in the first place.


Beautiful experience & easy to use

Direct POS integration

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Easy check splitting

Keep your processor

PCI Certification

Full-time support

Capability, reliability, and speed

Quickly and easily benefit from all Up ’n go has to offer

3 - 5 day install

Our team can remotely configure Up 'n go for your Aloha restaurant within 3 - 5 days of signing up. The actual configuration of your system takes under an hour.

Digital Wallet Support

Most restaurants using Up 'n go have over 50% of their payments paid using Apple Pay, another 10 - 20% of their payments are made with Google Pay or Venmo. These transactions are protected against fraud and chargebacks much more so than credit card payments.

Split the check

Ask a server at a restaurant using Up 'n go what they love most, and chances are they’ll say splitting the check. We have saved servers tens of thousands of hours of needlessly splitting checks, and we’vemade millions of split checks more fair for guests.

& Expertise

There're many variables when paying a check in real-time at the table with a guest’s phone. From the POS to the payment processor and its gateway, to the conflicts that can happen when the server and multiple guests are interacting with the same check at the same time, land mines abound.

It takes a true dedication to manage these interactions in real-time when every second counts. With the majority of our team having worked in restaurants, we understand the tense moments that can occur when processing payment, and we take special care to make sure they’re successful.

Full-time support

We’re not a vendor, we're part of your team.

We’re here to make sure you get paid every time, and we provide the full-time support to back it up. Our team has years of experience managing every aspect of Aloha deployments and maintenance. There’s nearly no issue we can’t address to keep your pay at the table payments processing reliably.

Support is incredibly responsive. I've been shocked at how quickly our tickets get resolved.

Up 'n go's team are truly Aloha experts. I was pleasantly surprised with their depth of POS experience.

Select a date & time

  • 30 mins

  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.



of restaurant guests reported loving paying with Up 'n go.