Collect payments for anything.

The best payment solution for businesses of any kind or size

Use the easy and much-loved Up 'n go payment flow to collect payment for anything. A Paycode is QR code you create with payment instructions, like a dollar amount due or an open amount, so people can scan it and enter any amount to pay you. Paycodes can be set for one-time-use, or to be used endlessly. For every Paycode, you get an easy-to-download QR code, as well as a link that you can easily text, email, or copy right from the Up 'n go interface.


  • Collect payments for anything

  • Works for any industry

  • No POS needed

How It Works

Create unlimited QR codes for any kind of payment

Create a Paycode™

A Paycode™ is a QR code customized to collect a specific payment.

Share the Paycode™

Easily download the QR code for any Paycode™, or get a link that you can copy or text or email to anyone.

Get paid

When people pay your Paycodes™, we’ll notify you, display the payments in your dashboard, and deposit funds in your bank account (or send them to your existing processor if you prefer).

Key Features

The payment possibilities are endless.

  • Digital payment

  • No account needed to pay

  • Proceeds deposited in your bank

  • No POS needed

  • No monthly fee

  • Collect money for anything

Use Cases

Take control of your payments with Paycodes™

  • Sell goods or services

    Perfect for your stand at the farmers' market, or anywhere else

  • Collect special event deposits

    Need to collect a deposit for that special event? Easy!

  • Collect tips or donations

    Collect tips at the valet, in hotel rooms, for online content, or anything else. If you're a charity or non-profit, easily collect donations.

  • Get invoices paid

    Text or email an invoice that anyone can pay with no account needed


Why Paycodes™ are right for you

  • Paycodes™ are a quick and easy solution to creating QR codes code to collect payment. Share them any way you like - via text, email or copy a URL to distribute for payment.
  • With our frictionless payment experience, you can collect more money by providing an easier way for people to pay you.  Simply pay a low processing or gateway fee per payment. With our solution, you pay no upfront or recurring costs. And don’t worry about any long-term commitments - only pay as you go!
  • You can also create multiple types of Paycodes™
    • Collect a fixed amount
    • Collect an open-ended amount
    • Collect payment for a check or invoice
    • Link to a menu to create an ordering solution
    • Use our API to generate and send Paycodes™
    And only pay when you use it.

Get started

Create an account and apply for your Paycodes account, or contact us and we'll walk you through it.