Contactless Payment Solutions

Integrated with NCR Aloha, Micros Simphony, and Toast POS.

Contactless platform for restaurants

Over $1 billion has been paid at the table with Up 'n go's QR code payments for restaurants. Click below to learn about our solutions for Aloha, Micros, Toast POS, or Lavu.

QR code pay at table

  • Turn tables quicker and increase your guest experience
  • Reliable and easy-to-use
  • Prints a QR code on your guest checks, or place QR code on table
  • Integrated with Aloha, Micros, Toast POS, and Lavu

Pay at table

Text the check

  • Save staff time with phone orders
  • Prevent servers from taking credit cards over the phone
  • Servers enter phone in POS and guest receive a secure payment link
  • Integrated with Aloha, Micros, Toast POS, and Lavu

Text the check

QR code menus for restaurants

  • Easily manage your menu
  • Display your menu on your website or using QR code on table
  • Update anytime
  • Works with any POS, or no POS at all

QR code menus

Get paid by QR code

  • Create unlimited QR codes customers can scan to pay you
  • Collect payment by QR code, text, email, or web link
  • For restaurants, farmer's markets, or any business
  • Collect event deposits, catering payments, and more
  • Specify amount due, or let recipient enter any amount
  • You'll get an account at

QR code payments

Contactless Payments API

  • Incorporate payments into your application
  • Easy-to-use user experience
  • PCI certified
  • Dedicated support

Contactless payments API