About us

We believe in making payments as simple as our name. Just get up 'n go!

Our founders, Touradj Barman and Scott Webber love the joy of sharing a meal with friends. But what don't they love? The inconvenience and awkwardness of splitting the check with friends. No one wants to count dollars at the end of the meal, and no one wants pay more than they bargained, either. Years ago when dining out, they thought, “there has to be an easier way to do this.” Combining that goal with their friend, Matt Hoyt's iconic San Diego eatery, Starlite, where Matt let the duo, "crawl into my Aloha POS," Up 'n go was born.

Matt Hoyt, Bob Blumberg (Chairman), and Touradj Barman making the first-ever Up 'n go payment at Starlite on Oct 9, 2017

Company Values

We're obsessed with our clients’ success

  • People-first service

    We're here to serve those who serve others. Through intentional support, thoughtfulness, and consistency, we build trustworthy relationships with our clients, and empower them to serve their guests above and beyond.

  • Exceptional quality

    Not only do we have high standards, we push our own perception of “best.” We have a near-perfectionist mentality when it comes to product experience, and we push each other to produce the highest quality possible in what we do.

  • Efficiency for all

    For our clients, we're dedicated to decreasing wait time while increasing profitability and table turnover. In our own work, we operate with speed and agility. We're constantly innovating new ways to give others control over their time.

  • Future focus

    We're obsessed with our clients’ success, and we're driven to equip them to evolve. We focus on the future to empower others to not only keep up with their industry, but redefine it.

Since 2017, we’ve been making restaurant payments more delightful



1st QR code payment at Starlite Restaurant in San Diego



Added 100th restaurant, Turning Point in Hoboken, New Jersey



First $100 million paid on Up 'n go



Celebrated our 1,000,000th payment



Celebrated our 5,000,000th payment

Our clients are our partners

While the dining industry continues to evolve, our focus remains: Make it easy to serve your guests.


Indicated that having Up 'n go at a restaurant would make them return.


Guests love paying with Up 'n go


Time saved when guests pay with Up 'n go