Earn with Contactless Fees

Earn incremental revenue at your restaurants by adding an optional convenience fee to pay by phone

Incremental restaurant revenue with Contactless Fees

Delight guests, save time, and earn incremental revenue with Contactless Fees

Optional for guests

Unlike other fees and surcharges, guests can opt out of Contactless Fees. All they have to do is pay the check normally with the server.

Only shows on Up 'n go

Fees are only shown on Up 'n go. Guests won't see this on your printed checks, although you can mention it if you'd like.

Easy to change

This feature can be turned on or off, so you can easily test to see if contactless fees work in your restaurant.

More Benefits

  • Get a reliable and easy-to-use pay at the table solution for your restaurant

  • Improve efficiency and earn money while providing contactless payments

Select a date & time

  • 30 mins

  • Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation.



of restaurant guests reported loving paying with Up 'n go.